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Ethereal Crystal by AngelAmethyst Ethereal Crystal by AngelAmethyst
Ok, thanks to Hiya for creating, i was wondering how should i start off creating my own magical girl anime. Starting with my main character Anabelle known as Angel Amethyst. Angel Amethyst is also known as princess Amethyst or Annabelle. Her element power is Healing & Love. She is the Guardian of Love (Also protects love, dreams, and the future).
You guys may think i robbed sailor moon's idea when she uses the silver crystal to fight off "boss villains" but Amethyst uses her crystal a bit differently.
Angel Amethyst does uses a crystal which is to fight off "Boss villains" or any other powerful demons but it's a golden crystal which is also known as a Ethereal Crystal that was given to her by her real mother. The Energy of Ethereal Crystals are very pure. The Ethereal Crystals are more powerful than the Crystals or Gems that are found here on Earth.
So when Amethyst uses the ethereal she must use it by finding it within her heart so that it would emerge out of her body and it will be use as a healing tool. The crystal looks like a golden heart which is then called a Crystal Heart or Golden Crystal heart. The Golden crystal heart heals any pain by the enemy and Amethyst feels their energy and understands their emotions so she tries to use the crystal to cleanse the pain.
During the process of the Crystal emerging out of Amethyst body angel wings feathers flies out from her and she transforms into Princess Amethyst and as the Golden crystal (Ethereal) is out she puts her hand around it forming a heart with it ( just as seen in the pic above) and crystal clusters burst out from behind her (which are gold or purple). Also this can be a bit risky when Amethyst uses the golden crystal because sometimes it can damage her life or her surrounding by the bursting crystal clusters or absorbing to much energy.
When the rest of her allies use their birthstones to combine power the energy absorb becomes powerful and it would not damage anyone.

*So there is a brief info on what i am working on there would be other updates for the rest of the Angels and their powers
List of other Angels:
(Amethyst Allies/Best Friends)
Angel Topaz
Angel Emerald
Angel Sapphire
Angel Ruby
(Amethyst Long lost sister)
Angel Amber
(Angel Amethyst Birth Mother & Father)
Queen Crystal/Angel Crystal- she dies after reuniting with amethyst and protecting her from the evil Queen Belina
King Diamond- left to war after the birth of Amber & Amethyst then died
Will work on drawing the actual characters but if anyone wanna do a fanart or commission go right ahead but
1. No stealing/scamming/theifing/robbing etc..
2. Link me your art
3. make sure to

*Anyways i would like to thank Hiya and support her site or her profile [link]
or [link]

Description to this transformation:
The ethereal is place in between Amethyst's chest not all the way and a white light comes from either the thereal or her hands and sometimes crystal clusters emerges out.

Golden Heart Crystal emerging out of her body from in between her chest (no homo)

She forms a heart shape with her hand as soon as the crystal is out like- [link] but more like the pick above

The color dress she wears is a white dress with a gold crown (heart shape dark purple or violet gem on it) like -[link]
Her eyes glows too (her whole eyes are blue glowing)

Wedding Peach belongs to Sukehiro Tomita Nao Yazawa
Sailor Moon belongs to Naoko Takeuchi
Amethyst Angel Belongs to Me! <3

* btw i edited it a bit by using the golden crystal and the background image
naruko6783 Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2015  Professional Artist
this is soooo kawaii Broken Fighting Dome (Kawaii Please) Seto Kousuke (Being shy and kawaii) [10] 
TanithLipsky Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2011
the eyes are cute
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